Hearing Aids …

Hearing aids are now worn every day by millions of people around the World. In the UK it is estimated that one in seven of the population (over 8.5 million people) would benefit from wearing hearing aids. Gone are the days when hearing aids were large, beige, bulky devices that were visible to others and whistled when you got close to them. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, miniature computers, hardly visible to anyone and they can provide the wearer with clear, high-definition sound.

Many offer features such as directional microphones, adaptive feedback managers, and data logging as standard. Similarly they can be coupled to remote controls, remote microphones and even have the TV or ipod signals sent directly to the aids, just like wearing headphones.

As an independent hearing centre we can access all the major manufacturers in the UK, with many different styles available, click on the links below to look at some of the models and styles available, or give us a call to set up a demonstration. The experience may just change your life!

What’s on offer

There are different types of hearing aid offering different advantages, depending on size, levels of amplification and design. They are all battery operated and the main types are ‘in the ear’ (which sit in the outer ear), ‘behind the ear’ ‘Receiver in the canal’ (both sit behind the ear, the receiver in the canal is connected by a thin wire, ‘in the canal’ (which sit in the ear canal), completely in Canal (CIC), and Invisible In Canal (IIC) which both fit deep in the canal. We also offer the German made Hansaton range of re-chargeable hearing aids too.

Your hearing aid fitting

Your hearing aid will be chosen according to your level of hearing loss, which we evaluate with our state of the art equipment in our sound proof room, we then select the most appropriate technology level to fit for your results and lifestyle needs. Colin, our degree qualified audiologist will then programme it with the computer, and measure the output of the aid against your projected target to ensure an accurate fit, using a state of the art real ear measurement system. He will then show you how to use the hearing aid and discuss cleaning and looking after it with you.