Hearing aid Repairs:

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Your hearing aid repaired, we can repair most leading models, our fast efficient all make repair service provides a warranted repair for most of the leading hearing aid makes. On occasion, if the aid is too old or beyond economic repair, we will inform you, and because we always offer a “quote before you decide” option, it means you have the ability to say “No!”

We also offer a “re-shell” (most makes) service for those times when a breakage has occurred to the custom part of the aid, all we do is take an ear impression from you, post it off with your broken aid and usually have the aid back 7 working days later. We then check the aid is optimised for your hearing at the fitting appointment, and send you on your way with our usual follow up protocol.

We also carry a vast number of cable harnesses for the modern Receiver in the Canal hearing aids, and these can be easily changed “in-house”, whilst you wait and have a coffee with us, in extreme cases we can normally order new cable harnesses for fitting and have the aid back to you within 48hrs.

There are a number of ways you can access the Hearing Aid Repair Service

Open Access (Walk-In, No Appointment Required, drop the aid off and we will get the price worked out for you, or attend to it if possible there and then) By Appointment Only (You will need to arrange an appointment to attend on these sessions, we will then sit with you and try to work out your best option with you face to face) Postal Repairs (Send your hearing aid with a description of the fault in a strong padded envelope, insure it with the post office to cover loss in the post, and also making sure to include your address and contact details for its quote or return).

For consumables such as domes, wax guards and batteries why not look at our online shop, or phone/
e-mail the enquiry through, we are only too happy to help.

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