Hearing aid batteries explained

A video by the Honiton hearing centre on hearing aid batteries and how you need to know what is what.

We have produced a video explaining exactly what hearing aid batteries are and do. It may sound odd but there are some facts about hearing aid batteries that could save you buying more in future. Colin Eaton from the Honiton hearing centre, Devon, explains in detail this little essential item is and does. If you live in East Devon and want to pop in and buy your hearing aid batteries we would love to see you, and if you are having any issues with your hearing aid why not book an appointment for Colin to asses what the issue is and if practicable he will repair it there and then or arrange to get it repaired.  If you live further afield and need hearing aid batteries we will gladly post them to you. See our contact page here for more info on how to speak with us.

Video transcript

Hello Colin Eaton again from Honiton hearing centre.

I’m the audiologist here and I thought today I would talk to you about

hearing aid batteries.

We are hearing that a lot of hearing aid batteries are rechargeable,

Rechargeable hearing instrumentation where you plug it into a charger over night and it charges up giving you between 20-25 hours of use afterwards.

But up until they become more prevalent we are still used to fitting batteries onto hearing aids.

Now here on the desk in front of me I have got the major types of hearing aids you get here in the U.K.

Hearing aid batteries Honiton

We have the behind the ear hearing aid, a receiver in the canal hearing aid and in the ear hearing aid, that’s a fully customisable product and a half shell hearing aid and a completely in the canal product.

And all of these run on batteries.

What I have done is pop open all of the battery drawers on each of the hearing aids so you can see how you put the batteries in.

I’m going to select one in a minute just to show you how the batteries go in.

Now the batteries usually come in 4 different sizes. Yellow battery, brown battery, orange battery and a big blue battery. They are designated by the sticky tabs that you find on the back of the battery. Now these sticky tabs are quite important they actually keep the battery sealed, because these batteries are actually activated by air, so as soon as you take the sticky tab off that starts to make the battery work.

And once you take that sticky tab off the batteries are designed to work flat out until such times as they stop.

Hearing aid batteries Devon

So taking the sticky tab off and putting the battery into a hearing aid and not wearing it for a couple of days that battery is still discharging.

So some people will quite often will put a battery in, use their hearing aid for a couple of days, forget to wear it for 3-4 days and pick it up a few days after that and wonder why the battery is flat. Well that’s because it’s been discharging while it’s in the hearing aid and the hearing aid has been in the drawer.

So those are the 3 different types that I have got there on the desk, I’m just going to show you now how you put one into an ordinary hearing aid. I’m going to pick the silver one hear on the desk just to show you.

So this is a receiver in canal hearing aid with the battery drawer at the bottom, so just click that with the finger in the thumb notch to open it.

Take your hearing aid battery, take your sticky tab off, now taking the sticky tab of is important as it activates the battery, there are little holes in the battery here that allow the air into the electrolyte to make it work.

And I usually tell my clients just to wait for a few seconds before you put it into the hearing aid in order for the battery to come up to full power.

Once you have done that you are looking for the shoulder on the hearing aid and the shoulder on the battery to line up.

So look for the shoulder on the bottom of the drawer and drop the fits in the hearing aid battery in that way round so that the shoulder on the hearing aid battery fits in the shoulder of the door and then it will shut.

If you do get it in the wrong way round you usually find that ‘A’,  it doesn’t fit very well, it’s quite difficult to get in, but you cant really shut the batter drawer very well.

Just take the battery out and spin it around and put it back in correctly and click it shut.

And that’s good to go.