Hopi candles-Devon

Hopi candles are interesting in that they are perceived to pull out ear wax and clear your ears miraculously. However there are many reasons why this isn’t the case.

Colin Eaton the lead audiologist at the Honiton hearing centre based in Devon explains in this video what his thoughts are and his experiences with the Hopi candles.

Watch the video to learn that Hopi candles do not work and the reasons why.

If you are suffering from ear wax issues and need ear wax removal we offer a safe and easy ear wax removal service. Microsuction is now the gold standard of ear wax removal or if you prefer we can still offer the more traditional water irrigation (ear syringing). Either one is safer and easier than using the myth of Hopi candles and has a visible result along side better hearing afterwards.

To see how we conduct ear wax removal in our Devon centre please watch our video here. 


Hopi candles transcript

Hello there it’s Colin Eaton the audiologist at the Honiton hearing.

I would just like to talk to you about ear candles or Hopi ear candles as they are trade marked, or we like to call them in our industry Hopeless ear candles, which kind of leads me into why I don’t think they are a particularly good idea.

It’s a question I am often asked, do they actually work?

Ear wax removal Honiton

And to be honest I have seen people that have come in that have had the procedure done, and shown the wax residue in the candle when it’s cut open, but they still have wax in their ears.

There are several YouTube videos debunking these things so I advise you to go and have a quick look at some of those there quite interesting.

I’m not sure that I would actually recommend someone to go have a naked flame lit above their ear allowing hot burning wax dropping down towards their face and towards the ear drums, and I have seen evidence myself of damage to the ear canals following the use of these blasted things.

Ear wax removal Devon

So in essence I don’t think they work, would I advise you to have them used? Actually no I think they are dangerous especially if they are used in unskilled hands, and even I would be very anxious if I was having it done on me. As an audiologist would I have it done on me? No I wouldn’t

Would I have my wax removed in a safe hygienic environment who was trained to remove it properly? Using techniques that are laid down in procedures manuals? Yes I would, so why not come and visit us at the Honiton hearing centre and we will do the job properly for you.