Our Services

Colin Eaton the owner and senior audiologist at Honiton Hearing. Colin keep well up to date on the latest digital hearing aids, connectivity and treatments.


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Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluation and hearing testing.
  • Video otoscopy for a detailed view and recording of the ear canal.
  • Full line of digital hearing aids and assistive devices.
  • Computerised hearing aid evaluation (Real ear and speech mapping).
  • Hearing Aid test box
  • Full aftercare and warranty packages 2-4 years.
  • Rehabilitation services to assist you.
  • All make hearing aid repair service and re-programming.
  • Hearing aid cleaning service and basic trouble shooting/quotation service.
  • Hearing aid accessories and batteries – in store.
  • Custom earmoulds for hearing aids, ipods and MP3’s.
  • Swimmer and surfers custom plugs.
  • Noise protection for motorcyclists, musicians and sportsmen.
  • Electronic shooters plugs – custom made and generic.
  • Cerumen management (Earwax Removal).

Further Products:

  • Order only
  • Amplified Telephones and Mobile Phones
  • Bluetooth handsfree neck loop systems
  • Personal loop systems
  • TV loop systems
  • Personal listening systems
  • Hearing aid cleaning spares
  • Spare receiver and wax guard kits
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • The test begins with a thorough case history
    We ask about your hearing loss
  • we will examine your ear canals and eardrums with a special
    computerised video light called a video otoscope
  • Following this we can discuss the results with you
    and may provide further recommendations

Hearing Test

Our Hearing consultation, what to expect:

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is provided in the workplace with a 80dB Health & Safety Executive limit

  • This overloading of the finely tuned hearing system,
    can lead to permanent damage and distortion.
  • Guard against hearing damage
    There is legislation in place to control noise at work
  • Get yourself the right hearing protection
    You want to make sure you’re keeping the damaging sounds out
  • Hearing Aids
    Gone are the days when hearing aids were large, beige, bulky devices
  • Your hearing aid fitting
    Your hearing aid will be chosen according to your level of hearing loss
  • What’s on offer
    There are different types of hearing aid offering different advantages, depending on size, levels of amplification and design.

Hearing Enhancement

Today’s hearing aids are tiny, miniature computers hardly visible to anyone and they can provide the wearer with clear, high-definition sound.

Tinnitus Control

Did You Know?

  • Did You Know?
    1 in 10 adults in the UK suffer with tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus:
    Tinnitus is a condition which causes the person to perceive a sound which is not actually present in their external environment.
  • There are many causes for tinnitus,
    The presence of ear wax occlusion can often make tinnitus worse as it “internalizes” the sound.
  • Earwax..
    This can give rise to deafness, tinnitus, vertigo, pain and or discharge.
  • accumulation of excess wax
    Honiton Hearing centre offer both ear irrigation and Microsuction, either technique used alone or as part of a wax removal treatment to relieve these symptoms.
  • Honiton Hearing Centre explains
    We use the microsuction technique, we also carry out safe manual procedures using water irrigation also.

Earwax removal

Although the ear has a natural mechanism for the removal of wax it is recognised that certain people do experience problems with accumulation of excess wax that may require irrigation.


Your hearing aid repaired, any make any model any problem, our fast efficient all make repair service provides a warranted repair to all makes and models

  • Hearing aid Repairs
    On occasion, if the aid is too old or beyond economic repair, we will inform you, and because we always offer a “quote before you decide” option, it means you have the ability to say “No!”
  • Open Access (Walk in)
    No Appointment Required, drop the aid off and we will get the price worked out for you
  • We also offer a "re-shell" service
    For those times when a breakage has occurred to the custom part of the aid, all we do is take an ear impression from you, post it off with your broken aid and usually have the aid back 7 working days