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The ear irrigation video shows you how we carry out ear irrigation to remove excess ear wax here at the Honiton Hearing Centre. Ear irrigation can be used to remove cerumen (ear wax) and foreign bodies from the external ear canal.

The function of ear wax is to aid in ear lubrication and the prevention of foreign debris entering the ear canal. It also aids in protecting the ear from bacterial growth and fungi. If there is an excess or build up in ear wax, then this can lead to the ear canal becoming blocked causing temporary hearing loss and pain. Ear irrigation is used to remove this unwanted excess/hardened ear wax by flushing the ear with warm water.

Video Otoscopy

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The Noots tank used to collect the water

Honiton earwax removal Devon

My name’s Colin Eaton and I’m the audiologist here at Honiton Hearing Centre and I am just going to show you how we carry out ear irrigation here. First of all we have looked into the ear to see that there’s is any wax in there and we’ve worked out that our willing victim is full of wax and this is my wife, Samantha, whose the patient care co-ordinator here whose been the guinea pig here for the purposes of showing what’s going on.

I then put my magnified glasses on so I can see what I am doing, I’m not as young as I used to be. Turn the machine on. And I am just going to run out the cold water, from the tank, so that the water going into the ear is nice and warm. So I’m just going to check that with the patient. “Is that nice and warm?”

And then I am just going to promptly put this into the ear, and then irrigate. When the lump is nicely cleaned out, put the irrigator back in the holder, ask my client to release the Noots tank, just wipe out the end of the ear. All the rubbish is inside the tank and that will be discarded in a moment.

What we do finally, is using a Jobson Horne, we make ourselves a little piece of wick on the end of our Jobson Horne and we very gently go into the ear now just to pull back any moisture that may be required. Once we’ve done that we’ve got a nice clear ear and we ask our patient, “was that ok?”

Ear Irrigation Summary:
Excess ear wax is diagnosed using video Otoscopy
If ear wax buildup is the issue, we will will perform the ear irrigation using a syringe-like tool to insert water into the ear to flush out the wax
The actual ear irrigation should only take a matter of minutes

Commencing the ear irrigation

Devon wax removal

Using the Jobson Horne to remove any moisture

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Ear Irrigation at the Honiton Hearing Centre

Although the ear has a natural mechanism for the removal of wax it is recognised that certain people do experience problems with accumulation of excess wax that may require irrigation.

Colin Eaton, the audiologist at the Honiton Hearing Centre has produced some videos showing you about ear wax removal including how the ear irrigation procedure is performed.

If you live in Devon, Exeter, Wellington or any where close to Honiton we can arrange to do this for you.