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The hearing test Honiton Hearing Centre, Devon video demonstrates the main types of hearing tests.

With iPhone, I watch and other devices you can have all the connectivity you need.

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Listening to music and answering the phone can all be done through your hearing aid.

Hello my name is Colin Eaton and I’m the audiologist here at Honiton Hearing Centre. I’m guessing this morning that you have logged in because you are having problems to hear on the television or hearing quiet voices or the children when they are talking as they are running away from you and you are trying to catch them as they are running down the garden.

The time taken for the hearing test is normally 1 hour and we carry out a full in depth patient history, video otoscopy, and a full explanation and evaluation, like on the screen behind me, we would normally sit down with you afterwards and explain the results to you and start talking preliminary details about the type of hearing instruments that may be acceptable to you.

From these graphs we can prescribe exactly what you are going to be needing in correlation with your lifestyle needs so you walk away with something that you are happy with and that is going to work for you in your life. Please give us a phone and make an appointment to come and see us and then we can start talking about getting you on the road to better hearing from there.

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Video Otoscopy

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At the Honiton Hearing Centre we know all about hearing difficulties. After making a booking at Honiton Hearing Centre, within half an hour of attending your appointment you can find out if you actually have a hearing loss.