Starkey announces..


Starkey announces..

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Hearing aids in Devon at the Honiton Hearing centre. 


Starkey announced that “the world’s first 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids” are now available in all configurations and colours.

“We are proud to continue offering industry-leading technology even in this time of disruption,” said Starkey President Brandon Sawalich. “We want to thank our valued partners for their continued business and the opportunity to provide hearing health care to you and your patients. We sincerely appreciate the work you do and are maintaining 98% on-time delivery. How we work is changing, but our mission is the same: to serve our customers better than anyone else.”

To learn more about Starkey’s ground-breaking custom rechargeable hearing aids, please click here.


All Starkey hearing aids are available at the Honiton hearing centre East Devon

Source: Starkey