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Even the Queen wears hearing aids

Even the Queen wears hearing aids


As reported in many outlets this week, the Queen was seen wearing hearing aids for the very first time in public.

This is proof if there has ever been proof that everyone will suffer from hearing loss at some time in their life. It really isn’t such a big deal to wear hearing aids as the Queen has shown. Be brave and get back into conversation with your family, friends or work colleagues.

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Watch our video here to see what types of hearing aids there are and what they look like. Today you can customise certain hearing aids to make them look on trend.

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If you feel that your hearing isn’t the same as it once was ( it really does suffer as we get older) and would like a short hearing test then we can help. Once we know the results we can help if there is any hearing loss and recommend a solution for you.  It could be that you have ear wax build up and if that is the case its a simple cleaning of the ear! Click here to see how ear wax removal is done using Microscution.

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You can read an article on the Queens hearing aid here